The Masters 2019: How much prize money does Tiger Woods win?

The world’s elite returned to Augusta for the 83rd rendition of The Masters, but at the end of the four thrilling days it was the greatest of them all left standing on top of the pile.

Tiger Woods delivered one of the most thrilling round’s of golf of his career after lighting up the back nine to win his fifth Masters Green Jacket, and claim a 15th major title.

But that is just the start of the story – arguably the greatest comeback story seen in sport. Woods has not won a major since the 2008 US Open after suffering from personal issues and a chronic back problem, the latter of which threatened to end his career.

Despite the comeback, there were still huge doubts over whether the 43-year-old could return to the top of the game, but he silenced those doubters once and for all with an astonishing victory at Augusta National to remind the world why he is, now, a 15-time major champion.

In the process, Woods has added to his vast wealth with a huge pay day.

Last year’s Green Jacket winner, Patrick Reed, took home $1.98m (£1.49m), while second place was awarded $1.19m (£899,250). But Woods will colelcta vast improvement on that fee with the winners’ pot increased to an eye-watering $2,070,000 (£1.58m).

Here’s the Masters 2019 official prize money payouts:

Winner: $2,070,000

Runner-up: $1,242,000

3rd: $782,000

4th: $552,000

5th: $460,000

6th: $414,000

7th: $385,250

8th: $356,500

9th: $333,500

10th: $310,500

11th: $287,500

12th: $264,500

13th: $241,500

14th: $218,500

15th: $207,000

16th: $195,500

17th: $184,000

18th: $172,500

19th: $161,000

20th: $149,500

21st: $138,000

22nd: $128,800

23rd: $119,600

24th: $110,400

25th: $101,200

26th: $92,000

27th: $88,550

28th: $85,100

29th: $81,650

30th: $78,200

31st: $74,750

32nd: $71,300

33rd: $67,850

34th: $64,975

35th: $62,100

36th: $59,225

37th: $56,350

38th: $54,050

39th: $51,750

40th: $49,450

41st: $47,150

42nd: $44,850

43rd: $42,550

44th: $40,250

45th: $37,950

46th: $35,650

47th: $33,350

48th: $31,510

49th: $29,900

50th: $28,980

The rest of the field receive cash prizes that decrease from $28,290 depending on their finishing position and scores.

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