Some thoughts on MDL Changsha Major Invites

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MDL Changsha Major qualifiers were all finished just couple days ago and some have voiced concern about not only the absence of Virtus. Pro, but on the Chinese teams in the invites.

The International 8 is getting closer and closer. With the new TI inviting system, every team is trying their best to find the meta and obtain as many DPC (Dota Pro Circuit) points as they can to earn a precious TI8 direct invite. In addition, the MDL Changsha Major, which is the 5th Valve Major tournament in 2018, brings up a lot of attention to the scene.

Photo courtesy of Liquipedia Dota2

Unfortunately, unlike DAC and Bucharest Major, there will be only 12 teams attending the event instead of 16. Among all the 12 teams, there are two Chinese teams of the four direct invites and three other Chinese teams through the qualifiers, giving China a total of 5 out 12 spots in the event. That is almost half of the teams participating. This is undoubtedly a major in China but FIVE out of 12 Chinese teams in total is still making it hard to accept for most of the non-Chinese community.

In fact, a lot of teams with high DPC points chose to take a rest from Major tournaments especially VP and Team Liquid (maybe our top tier Evil Geniuses) to possess a better understanding of the patch and meta and adjust physical and mental condition after ESL ONE Katowice. Due to the intense and packed tournaments schedule this year, it makes lots of sense for several of the giant teams to give up the invites. Teams like VP has already secured the ticket to TI8, which means it would leave some open slots for other teams to participate in the major tournament. Since MDL is always in China, it’s reasonable to replace VP direct invites with another top-tier Chinese team. However, most of the complains and questions come from China qualifier — DPL (Dota2 Professional League)

With only four direct invites, 8 places remained for 6 regions in total. In this case, Mars TV decided to extend the Chinese qualifier spots to three, granting the 1st to 3rd place teams in DPL the highly coveted spots. However, this is where we’ve reached the real problem.  Newbee and Vici Gaming have already been directly invited to the event, yet they were still allowed to compete in DPL with no investment into needing to qualify for MDL Changsha Major. Their participation set off a firestorm in the community and posed many questions about the credibility of these types of qualifiers for a DPC event and the impact of the outcome on teams.

Photo courtesy of Liquipedia Dota2

VGJ. Thunder lost to a team that’s been already invited in the initial round and PSG.LGD should not have been able to earn a place in MDL, but since Newbee and VG are ended in first and second places in the league, it shifted to 3-5th places receiving the qualifier spots. 

Moreover, if VG decided to lose or even forfeit to Keen Gaming during the 2nd round PSG.LGD won’t have even qualified to MDL because in that case only the top four teams would have been eligible (VG DPC pts: 2160; PSG.LDG DPC pts: 1821 — space for thinking : /)

If these questions and concerns weren’t enough, DPL was already in the midst of controversy as Another matchfixing scandal hit the professional Dota 2 scene not long ago in the league. That leaves many saying the whole DPL event is not a very highly qualified manner to earn a Major spot and presents a very cloudy and confusing, if not biased, picture for the public. 

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