Rob Gronkowski brought Wednesday’s press conference to a quick end

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is generally upbeat while fulfilling his obligations with the media, but he was a bit more curt during Wednesday’s session.

Gronkowski has 22 catches for 325 yards and no touchdowns since the season opener and questions were focused on those numbers being down from what he’s put up in past seasons. Gronkowski said he wasn’t really sure why he’s scoring fewer touchdowns this season and quipped “I think it misses me” when asked if he misses the end zone while also noting that all is well because the team is 6-2.

Things wound up when questions shifted to his confidence level. Gronkowski said “living” in response to a question about how he’s feeling and “thank you” when asked about seeming more subdued than normal. He moved on to say his confidence is good before bringing the proceedings to an end following a question about why he’s feeling that way.

It’s not the first time that Gronkowski has fielded questions about his offensive numbers this season and it likely won’t be the last if he continues to put up similar lines the rest of the way. The answers seem unlikely to change as long as the Patriots remain in their customary spot in the standings, however.

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