PSG.LGD undefeated in MDL Changsha Major Group Stage Day 1

Photo courtesy of MarsTV

In one of the last of three Majors in the Pro Circuit 2017-2018 season, all 12 teams battled it out to gain the upper hand in the group stage seeding at MDL Changsha Major. 

While Group A of MDL Changsha Major seems to be the more polarizing of the two —with three teams in first place —Group B seems to be more evenly distributed by the end of the first day of competition. 

PSG.LGD was the only team to go completely undefeated, taking both of their series wins with 2:0 sweeps over Newbee and Vega Squadron.

Newbee continues to show signs that their troubling trend in the group stage is ongoing and not a thing of the recent past or behind them yet. 

Both Vega Squadron and Team Infamous had a difficult start to the event, each one failing to find a single game victory in the first day. In order to see the main event, both teams will need to retool their strategies tonight and step it up tomorrow as the last place teams in each group are eliminated during the group stage. 

Group Stage Format:

  • Two groups, six teams each
    • The two highest ranked DPC teams (Secret and PSG.LGD) were drawn into opposite groups
    • Teams pick their opponents in alternating order (starting with Secret’s group)
  • Bo2 round robin
  • Group Winners advance to the second round of the Upper Bracket
  • 2nd and 3rd placed teams advance to the first round of the Upper Bracket
  • 4th and 5th placed teams advance to the Lower Bracket
  • Bottom teams from either group are eliminated

The group stage concludes tomorrow, May 15th, starting at approximately 10:00 CST/05:00 CEST with another 15 two-game series. 

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