Pistol Revolver r8 best 5 skins from workshop

Pistol Revolver best 5 skins from workshop



Pistol Revolver R8 is wepon whish was added at winter 2015, so weapon is about 2 years in game and it have some supporters but most people and pro players use standard Desert Eagle. Today we made special top list of Revolver R8 skins from workshop on steam. Pistol is maybe not so popular in game but still lot of people made great skins for it, becouse it’s kinda big pistol it’s easier to make good graphic on it. From more than 1000 skins on cs:go workshop we choose 5 that we like the most, look on them below.


1. R8 | Nidhogg

Old school revolver with some better metal exchanges. Nicly clean and made with lot of details Nidhogg revolver looks great in hand.

pistol revolver 48 n1Revolver r8 pistol 2

link on workshop:



2. Revolver SharpE

This gun would be probably great alternative for robocop, but we would love to see it on counter strike global offensive.

sharper revovler r8 mycsgoland 1sharper r8 2

link on workshop:



3. R8 || Undead King

Gun from wild west, with great wooden hand who want shoot with it ? If You would like to see it in game just vote for this gun it looks really great just check link below how should looks revolver of proffesional cs:go killer.

pistol revolver r8 hobbitrevolver r8 unded king 2

link on workshop:



4. R8 | Oppressor

This pistol is made in 2015 but this design is just amazing, lot of details, great skull on primer, flames on barrel and magazine. Revolver looks a bit rusty and dirty but prise for author becouse he done great job. Maybe in future we will see this weapon in game.

r8 oppressor new looksr8 oppressor 2

link on workshop:



5. R8 Composite

Why we choose this gun on the end of article ? anwser is easy we think this gun decisively should be added to game. Maybe it’s too modern for looking oldschool cs:go, but game get updates so maybe this skin will be in any new case, we hope that and support author. Great job and great skin we like this clean r8 model.


r8 new revolver moderncomposite r8 gun

link on workshop:



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