OG are your champions of The International 2018

OG won the hearts of spectators and players all over the world in a historic win over LGD, securing the highest prize in esports history, over $11.2 million dollars and the Aegis of Champions to boot.

The grand final of The International 2018 was hyped to an astronomical level, and with good reason. On one side was a European squad with a new roster qualifying through the open qualifiers and exceeding all expectations the fans had placed in them. On the other side was the sole surviving Chinese team in the year of the Chinese after having dominated in the Dota Pro Circuit and solidifying their status as one of the top teams of the season. OG accomplished the unpredictable by making it to the grand final through the upper bracket, although it was rarely a flawless victory as their series involved a lot of 2:1 wins. LGD, on the other hand, were intimidating in the precise and flawless method in which they sent the top contenders for the Aegis, Virtus.pro and Team Liquid, to the lower bracket.

Despite the fact that OG sent LGD to the lower bracket in the upper bracket finals, it was clear that was a very close series and would have probably gone in favor of the Chinese squad had it not been for the very final moments of the last game in the series. And in a best-of-five series, teams had plenty of opportunities to conform and adapt to their opponent’s playstyles and drafts.

However, no one could have predicted the utter awe-striking, jaw-dropping miraculous series of games that fans were about to witness. For the first time since The International 2013, the grand finals went to a Game 5, a situation that makes the community happier than nothing else. What occurred at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia today, will forever be remembered as the greatest grand finals in the history of the game.

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