No surprises at China Supermajor; Secret and PSG.LGD take top spots in their groups

Photo courtesy of LGD Gaming

The last day of the group stage of the China Dota 2 Supermajor has come to an end, finalizing the main event brackets for all sixteen teams. 

It was little surprise that the second and fourth place DPC ranked teams —  PSG.LGD and Team Secret assumed the top seed in their groups at China Dota 2 Supermajor. The Chinese juggernauts cruised through the group stage without dropping a single match.

On the other end of the brackets, The Final Tribe and Infamous fell flat without a single series victory to their name and will need to recover their confidence and determination to chart a better course for their main event journey. 

Group C

The TI8 fate has already been sealed for the four teams in Group C going into the event. Team Secret have already secured their TI8 invite, Mineski is pretty much assured of one themselves, VGJ.Storm is ineligible and The Final Tribe is too far outside the point distribution to claim an invite unless they pull out a miracle run for first or second place overall. More likely the Swedish team could throw a monkey wrench into the equation to disrupt the confidence and chances of OpTic GamingVGJ.ThunderNewbee or TNC Pro Team.

If The Final Tribe want to make a hail mary go of it in the main event, they will need to retool their entire strategy and overpower their opponents in the next seven series. Although they did manage to take a game off Team Secret, their other two matches were just dismal and Mineski looked like they were just toying with their food. 

VGJ.Storm continues to be a real threat to the North American TI8 contenders. With a lineup loaded with talent and the rising confidence and experience against some of the best teams in the world, the revised NA team are expected to be knocking at the door of TI8. 

Upper Bracket

Lower Bracket

Group D

PSG.LGD were the favorites of the Group D and lived up to the expectations. Catapulting to the top of the DPC ranks in the last half of the season, the Chinese team has morphed into one of the best in the world. All four of their matches were barely contested by their opponents, sweeping through Infamous and OpTic without breaking a sweat. 

The most hyped matchups were the two series between OpTic Gaming and VGJ.Thunder. OpTic’s second chance at a TI8 invite is at the potential cost and risk of VJG.Thunder losing theirs. The North American team will need to take at least a top 4 place and knock one of the Chinese teams out of contention —VGJ.Thunder being one of them. In both series, OpTic proved to be the better team, overpowering the Chinese squad twice and securing an upper bracket placement in the playoffs. 

Upper Bracket

Lower Bracket

China Supermajor Main Event Format:

  • The playoffs will be held from June 4th to 10th
  • Only the final two days will be in front of a live crowd
  • Double-elimination bracket
  • All games except Grand Finals are Bo3
  • Grand Finals is Bo5

The action resumes tomorrow at 10:00 local time/04:00 CEST with the first of the Upper Bracket Round 1 series taking place between TNC and Team Liquid

Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani

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