M19 – First PUBG Champion Team Without A Chicken Dinner In GLL 2

PUBG Kei “keiwolf” Wolf

Photo courtesy of Global Loot League

Everyone was in disbelief when CIS’s M19 has proven that you can be a champion just by being consistent in your game at the Global Loot League Season 2.

It was indeed a rough week for 16 of the world’s strongest PUBG teams as they compete for the champion title and a $100,000 prize pool at the Nobelberget in Sweden. The CIS team were announced winners of second season of GLL Season 2 without a single chicken dinner. What made them win was their consistency in securing a place at the top 3 of every game. There were others who think that it was a lousy win for M19, while some think that they deserved it for playing a safe yet steady game.

The audiences were expecting the European team Pittsburgh Knights to bring home the championship trophy due to their wonderful performance at the map of Erangel and Miramar in FPP. Even so, they lost the chicken dinner to Team Gates at the last round. If the Knights have won that round, the results of the overall score would have been different.

Coming in third place is a crowd-favorite, FaZe Clan, another EU team. One of their team members FuzzFace has also been one of the best fragsters all throughout the 18 rounds of GLL Season 2. Both FaZe and the fourth placer, Wildcard Gaming, were at the top of their game in gaining match victories. Fifth place goes to Team Liquid who also maintained their position in the Top 5.

Among the special mentions include Natus Vincere, who like FaZe displayed aggressive fighting and survival skills in the arena. Team Dignitas also were one of the top fraggers in the tournament but only made it in top 7 following PENTA Sports on the 6th position.

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Thank you for voting!

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