Global elite config – Screen resolution

In this article we will talk about the configs in CSGO so What is the best config in Counter Strike Global Offensive ? Should you use the same configuration as a pro player ?


The questions that arise when you start to want to optimize your gaming experience on CS:GO are :


  • What is the good config?
  • Do I have the right one?
  • Do I have to keep my config?

Hold on i will answer all your questions in this article dear reader so follow me.

First, there is no good or bad config, play in 4:3, 16:9, 16:10 or 4:3 stretched … these changes in the game are minimal. The most important thing is the habit we have of it. 



So to start off very well we will talk about resolutions in the video configuration section like you see in the picture below.



There is no bad resolution.

A question arises: 

“and the 4:3 blackbar”?

Indeed, the players that use it are usually stronger! Then it must be cheated to have 4:3.


But above all why the 4:3! However, it is simple and it will be the slogan of this article: “Habit”. Because a player who played CS 1.5 / 1.6 or CSS (Counter Strike Source) had a 4:3 screenIt goes almost 10 years back but the first players were playing with quasi-square screens !

Like i said those player have the “Habit” “game experience” “knowledge” to use the 4:3 resolution so if you are playing csgo for a lot of time and you feel ready to use it then use it or if you’re a game genies that works too

Why haven’t they changed ?

Or rather why would they change ?
A player who has a 4:3 does his job very well. Why should he change this habit That’s why there are still players who play in 4:3. However no resolution is better than another, some have advantages as regards the number of information, others as regards the degree of vision
Of course the most optimized, in my opinion, is the maximum resolution of your screen.

Then, the quality of the game :
For this part, we will see how to optimize your configurations in relation to the quality of the game.
For each part there is no perfect config. However, we will see how to understand the optimization of the different settings.
At first: the shadow. It is crucial at times. Here are some examples on DUST2 :


It is important to have this info. Nevertheless, having it to the maximum is not necessarily optimized.

Finally, every other information should be taken with caution. The more effects you put, the more your eyes will be disturbed by unnecessary things.
While you are concentrating on a line, you can be unconsciously disturbed by leaves moving, effects of light … Finally, a management of the particles is required to better see around the smokes.


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