Easy skin betting in CSGO : is it possible ?

Before I start this article i just want to say that im talking about website that scam people but some of those betting website are legit and work day and night to make us a fair to play betting games


What is betting in CSGO ?

As you may already know, there are skins in CSGO for guns and for gloves. Each skin has a value, it can go from 0.03 € to several thousand euros. They are ugly or nice (yeah, tastes and colors ). Usually, the issue is to have the most expensive inventory. To do that, there are many ways to obtain these skins, but in this article we are particularly interested  in betting websites.


Should we play on luck, gambling or betting CS:GO websites ?

The truth is some Gambling and betting websites on CSGO have a simple goal : make money. Be it to pay for the infrastructure in the first place, or to pay for bitches and coke !!! ( sorry for the langue ) So, no matter how they’ll spend their money, their aim is to be profitable.

Basically, a classic website like those on the first page when you search “gambling CSGO” in Google, it costs several hundreds of euros a month to keep alive (taking into account that they are available for Europe/US at the same time).

The infrastructure has to be powerful to be able to treat the thousands of requests (roll of dice…) it receives simultaneously. So the web site should produce money, at least, to refund servers’ costs. So, where do they find this amount of money ?

By ripping you off (most of the time) !

Well lets not be like that some of the website are good like our partnerd website here

Let’s see in detail how these websites work :

When you want to do a transaction, you will “give” the skins that you want to bet to a BOT which will put them on the site. Then, if you lose, you lose your skins. If you win, there are two possibilities :

  • They give you back your skins and also those you won on the website,
  • But very often, they will steal your skins (they will tell you that they are not available for example). To sum up, they make you play with skins that they don’t have.


Here is one of the many testimonies of this kind of problem :

Tweet :

Translation : “Today my ESLCS skins were scammed by a DrakeMoon admin, I’m disgusted”

Why  we should not trust opening case videos on betting websites :

You certainly have noticed and even watched that, but a huge amount of betting sites are promoted or are owned by “influencers”/bloggers. In their videos the protagonists loot very expensive skins as if by chance …

Do not forget that the websites are managed by a third party (they are not official Valve websites). Cheating is  therefore easy to do.

Modify the win chance of a skin while the youtuber is recording his video is something extremely easy to do for the website. It will make you want to try your luck also, because as it’s often said : “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Well, you won’t win anything !

A good example is the betting website set by PhantomLord. Who is he ? PhantomLord WAS one of the most famous US streamers. He was the biggest player of money games and CS was a good example. He opened hundreds of cases at once. Also, he bet some 10k€ skins on the Internet etc… So he created and promoted his own betting and gambling website without telling it to his followers. Twitch banned him for that.


We have two pieces of advice to give here :

  • Beware of people who promote this kind of websites, especially if they win crazy stuffs in their videos its just too good to be true.
  • Do not play on these websites if your aim is to make profits with the skins you bet. On the other hand, if, just as in a casino, you like money games you can have a lot of fun. But keep in mind that it’s a game, in which you have more chance to lose, this is betting.

Example of types of chance and money games to play your skins :

  • “Roulettes”: You choose a color (between red, black and green). You have almost every chance of having red or black, you have very little chance of having green.
  • The “Stock market curves”: You bet a number (5 for example). A curve will then go up for X time and go “crash” at some point. If you are above the number you lose and if you are below you win your bet plus a ratio. This is the most entertaining game in my opinion. It is funny, you can have fun to do statistics but you will surely not win.
  • The “Pot”: Here, it’s “yolo” with the probabilities: lol: The more you put on expensive skins, the more chance you have to win. On paper it looks honest, but in truth you can be sniped by someone richer. And even without that, your 10 euros’ AK is nothing, and with 1% chance of win you will not win, not possible. I give you an example, if I am an admin of a site and I see a small skin that I would like to have, I return with a skin to 0.03 € I say that I win even if I have 0.0001%. I leave with your skins. Owned !

It is clear that these are the same games as at the casino. And for good reason, regarding scam, we are in the top at the casino. If you think it is possible to earn something at the casino, I let you finish your college statistics courses ;). On the other hand, at the casino as on the bet gambling sites etc. you have to play with full knowledge of that, and to HAVE FUN if you have the taste of risk 8-). Indeed, it is the aim of that, not to actually win something in the end. On the other hand if you like trembling, having chills and pressure of losing, bet and gambling CSGO site is one of the places you can go. I’m not going to do morals but it can be expensive.

But then, how do I get skins with no risk?

Well the answer is simple: by buying skins directly from the community market.

Let’s take the example of a friend who opened boxes for a long time, he used 600 € of keys (not counting direct purchases or on third party sites purchases). He basically has an inventory at 120 €. So he lost 480 euros ! An inventory at 600 € is enormous. That is, basically, each weapon with acceptable skins plus two knives! Not bad isn’t it ?

Opening cases is not stupid, it is fun but expensive. If your goal is to have : AWP Asimov, it costs about 20 € or the equivalent of 5 keys to open boxes. The probability that you win your Asimov with your 5 cases is too small ! It’s too risky.

In order to optimize even more the purchase of your skins, it is necessary to take a little time to study the price trends of the different skins.

For example, when a new skin comes out, it will have an extremely high price, waiting a few days to have it less expensive can be a good tip.

Also, during the Christmas holidays, the market increases and prices explode. It’s time to resell the skins you do not want anymore !

To conclude, if you want to bet on the sites ( here is a good betting website down below ), go ! But pay attention to your money

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