DeToNator; WinteR’s competitive team

After a few years of coaching and casting, Chan “WinteR” Litt Binn returns to competitive playing as part of DeToNator’s new lineup. 

DeToNator is a Japanese professional esports organization founded in 2009 most known in competitive Alliance of Valiant Arms. They have since branched out and currently have teams in OverwatchPlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Dota 2. Their first Dota 2 team was established with all Japanese players in 2015 and through 2016. Taking 2017 off, they reformed with an all Filipino squad in January 2018 with improved results but no real achievements. 

Now, the organization has picked up a mix of professional players to represent the organization in the SEA region.


Yes, its a mix I didn’t expect
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No, I am used to SEA teams with Western players
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