Daeja’s View: When Passion and Creativity Collide

From artwork to food, podcasts to cosplay, let’s take a closer look at what it’s like to create Dota 2 content.

Winner of the ESL One Birmingham 2018 cosplay contest. Photo is copyright: ESL | Adela Sznajder (who, as a photographer, creates some amazing content!)

What do you do when there are no professional Dota 2 matches to watch? Whether it’s a break in the season, a gap in the schedule, or even just downtime between series, a popular way for fans to fill their time is by consuming anything related to Dota 2.

I want to take a moment this week to think about what goes into content creation. How and why do people get involved in it? A good chunk of the material we consume is made by amateurs, hobbyists, and fellow fans who just want to combine their love of Dota with their creative skillset.

If you read my article last week, Daeja’s View: Happy Birthday, Dota 2, you likely noticed the pictures of food inspired by Dota 2. That was all content created by members of our community, people inspired to make Dota 2 themed food and cakes who then kindly (tauntingly?) shared mouthwatering images with the rest of us.

If you’ve ever watched a cosplay contest at a Dota 2 LAN or admired cosplay pictures, you’ve consumed Dota 2 content. And while you may have appreciated that contest or taken a minute to acknowledge how awesome the cosplay in the photo is, when was the last time you really thought about the hours that went into producing it? Your minute of entertainment could have taken someone else dozens or even hundreds of hours to create.

Going to the Source

To better understand what the experience of making content for Dota 2 is like, I spoke with two different content creators: liliSliph and Bee (or beedub). LiliSliph may be familiar to you for her The International 6 cosplay-contest-winning Legion Commander. More recently, she’s submitted merchandise concepts to the workshop for consideration. Bee is involved with Fourth Spirit (formerly Defense of the Patience), making podcasts such as “Teach Me Tuesday” and “Theorycraft Thursday.” She also provides artwork for shows produced by Desoladies, a community that she co-manages (full disclosure: I’m a member of Desoladies), and she streams on both her own and the Fourth Spirit Twitch channels from Monday to Friday.

Chelsea “Daeja” Jack

I love talking about esports and books. I think compassion and curiosity are really important and that a balance between serious and silly keeps life interesting. You can follow me on Twitter @writingdaeja

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