Daeja’s View: The Kuala Lumpur Major Group Stage

The groups for the Kuala Lumpur group stage were announced today. I want to take a closer look at the Kuala Lumpur format and discuss how we ended up with these groups!

SirActionSlacks and Malystryx prepare to draw the groups for the Kuala Lumpur Major

First, the easy part: the playoffs will be a double-elimination bracket with best-of-threes leading into a best-of-five Grand Finals. Double-elimination is widely agreed to be superior to single-elimination, and it’s certainly how our Majors should be done.

The first round of the lower bracket will be best-of-one. This is the only time a single game will be an entire series in the tournament. It’s not ideal, especially for elimination, and it means that a team who struggled through their group stage could lose five games in a row, versus only three other teams, and be eliminated from the Major.

Chelsea “Daeja” Jack

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