Compete against EG, Na’Vi and others; TI8 open qualifier registration open

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As The International 2018 edges closers, the open qualifiers are now officially open for team registration. 

Starting on June 14th and running through to June 18th, the Open Qualifiers will see players and teams from Europe, CIS, South East Asia, North America and South America battle for a chance to play among the greatest teams in each region. As usual, there will be two sets of qualifiers for each region. Each event will have 1024 spots available. Info on how many teams per region will advance will be released at a later date.

For solo players, they will be able to join the tournament as soon as the check-in phases open, whilst teams that did not sign up on time will be allowed to register thirty minutes before the tournament begins – if slots are available. Teams will be able to register a maximum of 5 players and no substitutes will be allowed.

There will not be any Champions/Battlepass qualifiers so all interested teams will need to go through the open qualifiers for a spot. Expect both events to fill up quick and be jam-packed with some of the best teams in the world as OG, Evil Geniuses, compLexity Gaming, VGJ.Storm, Alliance, Na’Vi, paiN Gaming, Infamous and more will be registering alongside the local players. 

Please note the following regarding regional rules: 

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