Changes for compLexity for new season; Adam out

Photo courtesy of Starladder

The post TI shuffles have already started and compLexity is already on the prowl for new players as the organization parts ways with Adam “Adam” Shah. 

The International ended just over two days ago and the players and organizations are already starting to make their move for the new upcoming DPC 2018-2019 season. Although there isn’t an official roster lock this time around, players are expected to register for their new team by September 14th to be considered for the regional qualifiers for the first DPC event. As there are no direct invitations to the tournaments in the system now, teams will need to compete for a place in either the open qualifiers that are expected to start on September 17th or the regional qualifiers that will follow right after. 

compLexity Gaming and Adam ‘Adam‘ Shah are already looking at changes with just three weeks to go from the big competitive debuts. 


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